The SEE Concentration provides students an understanding of the place of engineering in society and the influence of society on engineering, both within an engineering context. Furthermore, the SEE Concentration provides students an understanding of ethical issues in engineering, including the ethical foundations of engineering. There is a focus on fundamentals: What are the prospects for engineering, what is its scope, and what are its limits? A major aspect of addressing these questions involves learning innovation and entrepreneurship in their ultimate senses and developing a vision for accomplishment and success. The classes listed below are suggested subjects, but students may propose any set of courses that fit the SEE concentration, including special subjects and independent study, pending approval from their 10-ENG advisor.

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Suggested Undergraduate Subjects
Students can choose 4 or more of the following subjects such that the total number of units meet the 39-48 unit requirement. In addition, students can propose other subjects, including special subjects and independent study, if they are consistent with this concentration per consultation with his or her advisor.

10.01 Ethics for Engineers
10.02 Foundations of Principled Entrepreneurship
10.04 Philosophical History of Energy
10.806 Management in Engineering
1.011 Project Evaluation and Management
1.153 Transportation Policy, the Environment, and Livable Communities
1.801[J] Environmental Law, Policy, and Economics: Pollution Prevention and Control
1.802[J] Regulation of Chemicals, Radiation, and Biotechnology
2.008 Design & Manufacturing II
2.96 Management in Engineering
6.903 Patents, Copyrights, and the Law of Intellectual Property
6.933 Entrepreneurship in Engineering: The Founder’s Journey
16.63 System Safety
16.891 Space Policy Seminar
20.104[J] Environmental Cancer Risks, Prevention, and Therapy
22.04[J] Social Problems of Nuclear Energy
ESD.046[J] Global Environmental Science and Negotiations
6.911/16.650: Engineering Leadership Lab
6.913/16.667: Engineering Leadership Lab (ELL)
6.902/16.662: Engineering Innovation and Design
6.914/16.669: Project Engineering
6.912/16.651: Engineering Leadership
ESD.082[J] Science, Technology, and Public Policy